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Tallahassee’s Funding is like “Mexican Pesos” – Albert Carvalho, Urging His Raise Which is 1/2 Tallahassee’s Recommended Raise

shortlink: Dear board members: I will repeat my requests to you that I made at the Wednesdays board meeting, a meeting that was an embarrassment to me. Not because I was ridiculed (being the only one who spoke to … Continue reading

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An Open Letter to the Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ Board Members on Why the Proposed UTD/MDCPS Contract Addendum of Nov 2013 Should NOT Be Ratified

Short Link: Dear Board Members: I know that tomorrow you are slated to vote in the new MDCPS/UTD contract. The problems I see with this contract are 1)  I do not believe the net recurring increase (RAISE vs bonus) … Continue reading

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Sequel to Prior Blog: So Fla’s Insurance Rates LOWEST, yet MDCPS’ rates will be DOUBLE national average: Corporate Tactics to Push You to ACA’s Health Exchanges

Short link: In an area where our rates will be lowest next year, MDCPS jacks the premiums and out of pockets/costs through the roof. Why? to push you out and into ACA’s health exchanges (see latter quotes for details … Continue reading

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Latest MDCPS Contract Changes Yields $2000 Income Gains, Incurs $1300 Insurance Premium Costs and $3500 Healthcare Costs, Topped by Further Erosion of Employee Rights

The following are notes I took on the proposed 2013 Addendum to the 2012-2015 MDCPS/UTD Contract: Shortlink: Bottom Line:  Why would anyone vote to reduce their due process and impose further workplace restrictions and ZERO gains, while simultaneously voting … Continue reading

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Teachers Did Not Send Enough Man to Negotiate

short link: Today UTD’s Prez Fed “em bread” says, preparing teachers for the usual disappointment brought about by a bought out union, “The Legislators didn’t send enough money for our raises.” I say, “Teachers didn’t send enough man” to … Continue reading

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A Formula to Determine the Efficacy of a Formula to Determine Efficacy of a Formula…Uh Oh…Can You Say “Infinite Recursion?”

Shortlink: I just read David Smilley’s Herald article “Miami-Dade Schools considers training on conducting evaluations” and got stuck on this: “the School Board could approve negotiations with a vendor to create a new system worth up to $2.3 million … Continue reading

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Comments on Today’s Herald Article Re:MDCPS Teacher Evaluations, “Bonuses” and a Reprint from my Letter to the Editor Aug 2012 of the Same

shortlink: I wrote this comment on today’s Miami Herald Article RE: Teacher Evaluations under the new IPEGS II that Karen Aronowitz negotiated and committed to contract BEFORE parent union FEA’s lawsuit overturned SB 736. Karen foolishly set into stone … Continue reading

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Another….Botched At Best, Stolen At Worst…Election Run By UTD Once again, UTD leadership imposes on the naivety, blind trust, and complacency of the masses: having been implicated in election fraud in EVERY election she has presided over, Karen rigs another election so that votes are placed in envelopes … Continue reading

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One Choice for Teachers and Support Staff in Miami’s United Teachers of Dade Officer Election

I apologize for this LATE blog entry on the topic of UTD Elections. I have been working 2 fulltime jobs as my wife and I have just opened our Veterinary Hospital. I wholeheartedly endorse PHOENIX RISING MORE caucus with Ceresta … Continue reading

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UTD “Wins” $300 for 3 years of work for 50% of steps…MEP wins

Last week the November 21, 2012 school board agenda was amended at the last minute with the revised D21 item – see vs the original . Some believe this was done at the last minute to avoid an … Continue reading

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