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On The Question of “Is UTD Cowering under the Shadow of Miami-Dade County Public Schools Management? Or Is It a Charade?”

shortlink: UTD’s performance is and has been brilliant. They project to be a labor union, when in fact it is an orchestration by MDCPS management to give the state, voting public and teachers the appearance of collective bargaining. Proof … Continue reading

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MDCPS Claims State Increase in Funds Erased by Tax Collection “Shortfall,” While City of Miami Increases Labor Expenditures Based on Same Tax Source

short link: UTD’s News Release on Negotiation Status (on a contract that was expired July 1 of this year…come on guys, July 1 every 3 years is schedulable…not unforeseen, let’s get this contract out) explains on behalf of management … Continue reading

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Today We’ll Know if UTD’s Lawsuit is JUST to Introduce Karla as Next President Material or as a Precursor to a Contract Negation…Either way, UTD PROVES it is Merely an Extension of MDCPS December 5th, 2014, United Teachers of Dade filed a lawsuit in Miami-Dade County against Miami-Dade Mayor Gimenez… …on the grounds that he isn’t funding his office of Property Appraiser sufficiently to raise sufficient property tax to properly fund education. … Continue reading

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Seminoles, Spaniards versus British/Anglo/Colonial Power and Slavery

// Post by Shawn Beightol. Just read this powerful essay from 1839 (The Voice of Freedom, a Vermont Anti-Slavery Newspaper) which powerfully places the blame for the Seminole Wars (3 of them: 1818, 1837, and 1858) as a product of … Continue reading

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Bogus Graduation Rates in Miami-Dade County (Public Schools)

Let’s be clear: Fraud is being perpetrated on the public. Miami Dade College says Miami-Dade County Public Schools’ graduates have dropped in their college readiness by 18%. Fully 72% of MDC incoming students are UNPREPARED for basic college courses this year.
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Is Pressure to Increase School Grades Resulting in Graduation Requirements Shenanigans in MDCPS?

Shortlink: Graduation Shenanigans? Dear Colleague Welcome to the Summer!  I’m so glad we made it another year.  I know it’s been some time since I’ve communicated this way, but recent events have led me to reach out to you again. … Continue reading

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Miami-Dade Elected School Boards Have an Obligation to Know the Educational Laws Governing Their Domain: FCAT Data IS NOT the Only Option by Which to Judge Teachers

shortlink: Upon challenging the MDCPS school board at the January 15th MDCPS Board Meeting to direct their staff to implement more appropriate teacher evaluation methods other than FCAT Reading and Math for all teachers (including Chemistry, Calculus, PE, Art, … Continue reading

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Say No to Inappropriate VAM Use by MDCPS at Next Board Meeting, Wed, Jan 15, 5 PM

shortlink: Please feel free to forward this: I am asking you to join me and other teachers to voice our opposition to the current and unnecessary utilization of VAM for teachers not teaching state assessed the Wednesday January … Continue reading

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A Well Kept Florida Secret: What a Great Teacher Looks/Performs Like: Florida Administrative Code 6A-5.065, “Florida Educator Accomplished Practices (FEAP)”

shortlink: While researching the reported egregious behavior of a particular administrator in Miami-Dade County “camping out” in a teacher’s classroom for 4 hours (FOUR!!! perhaps the one in need of professional help wasn’t the teacher but the administrator?) to “observe” … Continue reading

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VAM Necessitates Teacher’s Knowledge of Their Rights and Authority to Maintain a Respectable Learning Environment

shortlink: Most teachers (and school bus drivers) are ignorant that under Florida Law they are considered the most crucial person in the safety and education of the children for the simple reason they are the primary contacts. We are … Continue reading

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