Beightol Family Stories

This Section of the Blog is devoted to family members to contribute to a body of knowledge about our roots and heritage.

  • Shane Haines

    Nice, didn’t know you had your own blog……wow you’re really moving up in the world. I like the quote, it fits you, because I just can’t keep quiet…that’s sounds right

  • S552278

    u2022tThe FCAT is not scientifically- based and fails to follow U.S. Governmentu2019s own data on learningnu2022tIt presents a racial and economic bias that is beneficial to white middle/upper class students and detrimental to second language students, impoverished students, and students of colornu2022tPromotes a culture lying, cheating, and exploitation within the school communitynu2022tViolates fiscal fairness in funding schoolsnu2022tI believe such testing is not in the best interests since it fosters competition instead of cooperation, contributes to separate and unequal education for minorities, and belies children intellectual, creative, and problem u2013 solving abilities, while representing a fictitious picture as to the impact of the pedagogy provided by children individual educators. nu2022tAs with many publicly funded expenditures, opponents feel that too much money is spent on a test that does not seem to be doing its job. Approximately $4.2 million is spent on the FCAT each year, money that many feel is better spent on learning materials or on hiring teachers to reduce class sizes.nnnI was referred to you and I was hoping you give me a hand to make this a reality for all Florida students because Iu2019m trying to start a movement and I need someone like you that know the insights on the info I need to know about the FCAT. Iu2019m trying to boot it out the way and I know nobody wanna hear you out but I believe you!!

  • Catherine Stewart

    Thank you for being so nasty to me on the Miami Herald. Who are you to say I am not “making it as a realtor or teacher?” Who are you? You alienate everyone around you. I will no longer support you and I now see the ugly side of you. Say whatever your crappy craggy mind wants to say and insult me and my family however you want. You have a talent in repelling others. Godspeed.

  • allllchemist

    Catherine, If I remember correctly, I said teachers became realtors EITHER because poorly negotiated salary or because they couldn’t teach.

    It was your or any reader’s choice known only to them how to interpret that.

    My intent is to highlight the need of teachers to go outside their profession for additional income.

  • David Rodriguez

    Shawn Beightol I think you need to focus on educating our children. I don’t get how my gifted daughter has brought home an “F” from your class. She has never had an “F”. I came down on her hard and to come realize that you don’t even bother on teaching your students. All your worried about from reading a couple articles is that your just after the money. From what I hear is that you don’t teach nor take the time to explain all you do is simply tell them to take the work home and figure it out. I am going to figure out why this is going on. My daughter has never EVER had an “F”. She is scared of you and did not want me to come forward. Well guess what Mr. Shawn Beightol I am not!