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Two Irresponsible End Of World Predictions: Richard Branson’s “Global Warming ‘Hurricanes Are The Start Of Things To Come’”…Right Up There With Meade’s “Earth Will Be Destroyed Saturday By Planet Nibiru”

short link: (Cover Photo: “ HMS Hector and HMS Bristol in the hurricane of 1780 – October 10, 1780, the most violent Atlantic storm on record cut a path of destruction across the Caribbean islands of Barbados, St. Lucia, … Continue reading

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MDCPS Owes Each Teacher, On Average, $3000 Per Year Since 2014…And This Will Continue Until Corrected

Dear Colleague: 4/24/17 (This is a short letter of the longer version here: )                  shortlink: It is likely MDCPS owes you and all of our teaching colleagues an average of … Continue reading

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While MDCPS Says “No Money” For Salaries, It Diverts $127 Million in Salary Money to Construction (While UTD Parrots the Lies to Gullible Members)

Shortlink: Between 2009 and 2016, Miami-Dade County Public Schools diverted $127 Million in Salary Money to Construction/Capital…yet told teachers that there was no money to advance employees along the annual salary step progression. Teachers’ “union” (more of a 6 … Continue reading

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Educational Marshmallow/Sarah Palin Double and Twice Narcotics Arrested Thug Named President and Vice President of United Teachers of Dade

Press Release                                              shortlink: United Teachers of Dade (UTD) Declares the Sarah Palin of the Education World Leader … Continue reading

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Why You Should #DropUTD: Once Again, They Waste YOUR DUES ON FRIVOLOUS ACTIONS FOR SHOW, Rather Than Obtain Results

Subtitle: UTD and MDCPS knew within a month of filing by expert testimony their lawsuit was pure hollywood show. shortlink: If you didn’t know, teachers’ “union,” United Teachers of Dade (better, “Untied Teachers of Dade”) filed a lawsuit in … Continue reading

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Does the Management Manipulated Organization Posing as a Labor Union Dismantling Union Contracts Dating Back 50 years, Undermining Union Collective Bargaining, and Unraveling the Essence of Public Education Signify that the School Board/Administration Itself Has Been Compromised by Anti-Public Education Proponents Posing as Educational Reformers?

(this is not fully developed) Sub-Title: Double-Talk UTD’s Fed Ingram  Stated in 2013 “The Contract will be compliant with Senate Bill 736″ but in 2015 Says of the Same Contract “If we maintain [this] step schedule, we would be out … Continue reading

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Annual Contracts Teachers: Vote this down and MDCPS MUST Comply & Give $7512 Bonuses. PSC’s: Vote This Contract Down and Save Your Lifetime Earnings and Keep Your Pension at the Level You Hired on For!

Shortlink: First, administrative duty:  PLEASE HELP REPORT YOUR SCHOOL’S RATIFICATION COUNT BY ENTERING THE NUMBER OF YES  AND NO VOTES HERE: We need observers present, record the tally, then send it to the website. Please recruit pairs … Continue reading

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Recent Salary Proposal from UTD and MDCPS is Illegal and is Set to Defraud You of Your Statutorily Established Step System.

shortlink: Subtitle:  This Proposed Salary Schedule is Illegal and Will Result in a Class Action Suit against UTD and MDCPS by Employees Involuntarily Removed from the Grandfathered Salary Schedule of October 18, 2013. Senate Bill 736 implemented in part … Continue reading

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On The Question of “Is UTD Cowering under the Shadow of Miami-Dade County Public Schools Management? Or Is It a Charade?”

shortlink: UTD’s performance is and has been brilliant. They project to be a labor union, when in fact it is an orchestration by MDCPS management to give the state, voting public and teachers the appearance of collective bargaining. Proof … Continue reading

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MDCPS Claims State Increase in Funds Erased by Tax Collection “Shortfall,” While City of Miami Increases Labor Expenditures Based on Same Tax Source

short link: UTD’s News Release on Negotiation Status (on a contract that was expired July 1 of this year…come on guys, July 1 every 3 years is schedulable…not unforeseen, let’s get this contract out) explains on behalf of management … Continue reading

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