Is Pressure to Increase School Grades Resulting in Graduation Requirements Shenanigans in MDCPS?


Graduation Shenanigans?

Dear Colleague
Welcome to the Summer!  I’m so glad we made it another year.  I know it’s been some time since I’ve communicated this way, but recent events have led me to reach out to you again.

Recent stories have reached me pertaining to the possible bending of graduation rules in order to inflate graduation statistics.

I wanted to ask you what you know, if anything, related to this.

Is MDCPS By-passing Graduation Safeguards and Pressuring Teachers to Increase Graduation Numbers to Increase School and District Grades?

By-passing graduation credit requirements?
Recent information raises a question as to whether or not some schools may be engaged in by-passing unmet graduation requirements for seniors by utilizing sub-standard “quickie” courses to push seniors through and thus inflate graduation statistics which are used in assigning school grades, administrator performance scores and ultimately, the district grade.  Some of these courses are 20 days in length, may be under populated, may be supervised by unqualified instructors, and may not be meeting rigorous requirements for hours and content.
Pressure to Change Grades?
Additionally, stories of teachers being pressured to change grades in the grade book before they were finalized have surfaced.
Attendance Records Altered or Ignored to By-pass Attendance Requirements?
Finally, it is wondered whether hints of “funny business” pertaining to how attendance is being recorded or even changed may be accurate?  Are students with more than 10 unexcused absences being graduated after some magic wand is passed over the records?

Your Feedback is Requested:

If you have any stories about night school programs that seem to be handing out grades that don’t seem to be rigorous, unsupervised Florida Virtual School programs, attendance “funny business,” or any other practices that seem to skirt the spirit of the laws aimed at providing/ensuring meaningful quality education, please write me back.
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