While MDCPS Says “No Money” For Salaries, It Diverts $127 Million in Salary Money to Construction (While UTD Parrots the Lies to Gullible Members)

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Between 2009 and 2016, Miami-Dade County Public Schools diverted $127 Million in Salary Money to Construction/Capital…yet told teachers that there was no money to advance employees along the annual salary step progression.

Transcript from Grandfathered Trial Shows Hundreds of Millions in Salary Money Diverted To Construction, While Hundreds of Millions in Tax Money Left Untaxed While Teachers Turn to Welfare

Teachers’ “union” (more of a 6 figure country club for its officers who are washed up teachers – consider its Vice President, Anthony “Snow” White, – 2 time arrested narcotics criminal), United Teachers of Dade, complicitly parroted back to teachers the lies that the School District was “maxed out in its funding.”

That the district would not pay employees is bad enough (consider the district annually advises teachers how to apply for welfare in the correct manner – as the districts compensation philosophy impoverishes more and more of its “in the trenches” employees while enriching the fat cat stuffed suits who either failed out of the classroom…or never even set foot in a classroom).

That the so called “union” collecting money from teachers would join in the lies and tell their membership that the school district just didn’t have enough money to honor the contract is a crying shame, if not fraud and all kind of other criminal designations.

Teachers have suspected for years this to be the case as we heard District administrators say out of one side of their mouth “we have no money to fund quality teacher salaries” (yet found money to make all kinds of technology toy purchases…wonder how many perqs, dinners, trips to exotic cities for “conferences,” and kickbacks that generated? Purchases made with the money diverted from our salaries) and out of the other side of their mouth “hey, community, we cut your taxes – vote for me when I run for mayor (or congress…or whatever office they used the school board as a stepping stone to reach).

Annual millage document filed by MDCPS shows 1) they don't have a shortfall in taxes caused by Miami VAB - the PPFAM pays any loss the next year 2) MDCPS refuses to levy hundreds of millions of dollars to cover negotiated salary increases and 3) MDCPS has diverted $127 Million in salary money to construction with UTDs support (tens of millions each year) - all while a billion dollar construction bond was passed!

In 2014, the school board decided to ignore a 2011 statute that was passed to change the way teachers were hired and paid. In order to be lawful to the aging veterans hired under the old system, the statute (FS 1012.34) “grandfathered” the existing salary schedule as of July 2014, allowing the veterans to retire over the years under the pay system they were hired under.

Problem is, MDCPS chose to ignore, or worse, to unlawfully redefine the term “Grandfathered” and has changed the salary schedule 3 times since it was legislatively protected.

A group of teachers, including this blogger, joined together, hired an attorney, and filed a lawsuit to regain the $60 million (to date) taken from teachers.

We call ourselves the “Grandfathered Inc” and the following video highlights one of the startling revelations of our court hearings – that not only has MDCPS denied its teachers $60 million in compensation between 2014 and 2017, but that it also diverted $127 million from teacher salaries to construction during 2009 to 2016…this later diversion is especially heinous in light of the fact that the district passed a $1.2 Billion Construction Bond during this period…but the district kept taking the salary money for construction.

Or, Click here to view this video on youtube (the testimony from the  court hearing):  The Grandfathered Inc Uncovers Diversion of Hundreds of Millions from Salary to Construction

Help us fight this – join our class action lawsuit by signing and sending this to the address on the signature page:  http://shawnbeightol.com/GrandfatheredRetainerFinal.pdf

Help us defray the court costs by donating here https://goo.gl/2JcCGC

A word about financial liability:
First, our attorneys will be paid out of the settlement, you will not be billed for their service.

Second, all court/legal fees have been paid by donations  - not one bill has been sent in the year we have been working with the attorneys because donations have covered it all

Finally, the civil lawsuit will be filed in a manner that will shield plaintiffs/class members who sign the retainer from liability for the opposing party’s legal fees in the unlikely event that the court sides with the employer – in other words, you do not have to be afraid of being stuck with the legal fees of the school district.

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