Educational Marshmallow/Sarah Palin Double and Twice Narcotics Arrested Thug Named President and Vice President of United Teachers of Dade

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United Teachers of Dade (UTD) Declares the Sarah Palin of the Education World Leader of One of the Largest Bargaining Units in the South

UTD has Karla Mats – An Intellectual Marshmallow – and Her President of Vice, Antonio “Snow” White, “Win” 2:1 in the Latest Election of UTD Officers – NOT 1 OPPOSITION ELECTED?!

Miami, FL, February 17, 2016: In what is sure to be a bellwether election of officers for the bargaining agent of the largest employee in Florida, Miami-Dade County Public Schools (55 thousand employees, see ), United Teachers of Dade, thousands of employees stand to be negatively impacted by the apparent declaration of the victory of the Frontline Caucus (see ), including the twice narcotics arrested Vice President, Antonio White.

Was Antonio White's Arrest Like This?

Bellwether, because the 2010 Election Fraud Case of Geno Perez vs. UTD is still dragging on with every indication that UTD has something to hide from the number of delays and motions it has filed to prevent computer data from being released (21 motions!). Perez’ seemingly well founded allegation is that a small number of Union controlled computers generated the majority of internet votes tallied:                   Geno’s Case

Bellwether, because the 2013 election data suggests that more votes than ballots were cast according to a study done by former UTD member Isaac Castineira.  In Isaac’s words, “there were 7602 votes cast for president but only 7238 ballots collected.”  See or

UTD Officer Tweets Haircut While Teachers Labor at Educating Children

Karla Mats, the president “elect” for the Frontline Caucus, is the educational equivalent of Sarah Palin.  She rose from nowhere and seems to think a tweet of herself getting a hairstyle is of educational significance: Karla’s Educational Hair

Antonio White, the vice-president elect, is more appropriately the president of vice elect, with 2 arrests for narcotics involving marijuana and cocaine, losing his teaching license for the latter.  See and and

Was Antonio White's Arrest Like This?

Has the Teachers’ Union, UTD, been compromised and with it, true collective bargaining in the name of educational “reform?” – Every election since 2003 and most contract ratifications have been legally challenged, with several court affirmations of cheating.  The 3rd DCA found MDCPS and UTD to be complicit, generating membership for the union and WHAT for the district?

Contact:  Shawn Beightol (not affiliated with ANY of the candidates or UTD)

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  • The Real One

    The problem is there are way too many imbeciles in the teaching profession. After all the years of corruption how many idiots are still paying dues to such a corrupt and useless entity. BTU is a carbon copy of UTD and nothing will ever change. I’m glad I left that dead end job for greener pastures and I’m hoping many others will do the same. It is evident that our government (both at the national and local level) as well as individual districts could give two shits when it pertains to teachers and students.

  • Loretta Tennant

    i told them i couldn’t live on $160/wk and never looked back…