Does the Management Manipulated Organization Posing as a Labor Union Dismantling Union Contracts Dating Back 50 years, Undermining Union Collective Bargaining, and Unraveling the Essence of Public Education Signify that the School Board/Administration Itself Has Been Compromised by Anti-Public Education Proponents Posing as Educational Reformers?

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Sub-Title: Double-Talk UTD’s Fed Ingram  Stated in 2013 “The Contract will be compliant with Senate Bill 736″ but in 2015 Says of the Same Contract “If we maintain [this] step schedule, we would be out of compliance with the law” (see vs.  – Actually UTD took down these links.  Here’s the images I saved of the docs:  ).


Question:  If you wanted to erode public education and educational unionism that defended public education, would you do it with a frontal assault?  A direct attack?

Or would you try something more covert?  Would you infiltrate the very organizations upon which public education rested locally and work covertly from within?

Which method would be resisted more vigorously?  Which method would spread and wreak havoc more completely before being discovered?

Is it possible that right wing opponents to public education have infiltrated the school board of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, the administration of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, and the teachers’ union staffed and paid by Miami-Dade County Public Schools?

I have already shown that the president of UTD declared that Race to the Top (RTTT) participation would jeopardize our contract and undermine collective bargaining:
We are strongly opposed to DOE’s complete disregard for the needs of our students and teachers. I want you to know that I will never sign an agreement that puts our contract in jeopardy and ignores the voices of educators.” – Karen Aronowitz, Dec 2009

“Aronowitz briefed the Board regarding Race to the Top stating that…after carefully reviewing the MOU from the State, ‘there is no way we can sign the document – it undermines our collective bargaining agreement.‘ – UTD Executive Board Minutes, January 2010″

In RTTT 1, Florida was rejected, in part for lack of union support.

In October 2010, UTD through its president Karen Aronowitz, signs full participation in the very RTTT she had rightfully declared a threat to our contract and collective bargaining, the core of unionism.

Who, or what, turned UTD’s Karen Aronowitz?

Now it has been revealed that our “union,” UTD and its president, Fed Ingram, have endorsed the abolishment of the age-old “step schedule” that veteran teachers were hired under and protected from favoritism, cronyism, “the old boy network,” the very schedule declared “grandfathered” by Florida Statute 1012.22.  UTD states:  ” If we maintain the step schedule, we would be out of compliance with the law“…when in fact, the law provides for the PROTECTION of the step schedule in place July 1 2014 and in abolishing it UTD and MDCPS now stand in VIOLATION OF THE LAW (see F.S 1012.22).

This step schedule which UTD through president Fed Ingram has abolished, the one he says on August 24 2015 is “out of compliance with the law” he said in October 2013 (when it was finalized) “The Contract will be compliant with Senate Bill 736 and other state and federal statutory provisions while maintaining protections for employees.”

So, which statement is true?  Which statement is false?  How do you know when Fed is being true or being false?

Who, or What, turned UTD’s Fed Ingram?

Regarding Fed and other anti-public education “deformers,” former Georgia Senator Kenneth Fuller says:

In recent years, local anti-tax groups, conservative politicians, and proponents of performance-based pay systems have attacked the [step] salary schedule for teacher pay, such as we have in Georgia — portraying it as an anachronism and an impediment to advancing student academic performance. Such claims have no basis in fact.
The [step] salary schedule is an objective method for determining teacher compensation and has been our law for more than 50 years. It removes biases associated with grade level, race and gender. It recognizes the contributions of all teachers irrespective of the subject matter taught. And it guards against subjective and inconsistent evaluations of performance…
…What lies behind this unprecedented assault on teachers? And, even more important, what can we do about it? We believe that these attacks are part of an effort to dismantle public education and that we need an effective, collaborative strategy to combat it…
…If [improving education] were the goal, we would see demands for adequate, equitable resources and funding for every student in every school — demands, for example, for quality early childhood education programs, full-time librarians, robust arts and physical education programs, mandated caps on class size, and enough time for teachers to prepare and collaborate

So, yet another voice declares the actions of UTD to be ANTI-PUBLIC EDUCATION.

I propose to you that at the very least, UTD, if not MDCPS controlling UTD, have been infiltrated by Administrators and Board Members secretly funded and backed by organizations bent on destroying collective bargaining and the very foundation of our free and democratic nation, public education.

It is the only logical conclusion to the series of actions that have led to the impoverishment of teachers driving out the most experienced, most ambitious and creative, the undermined contracts, the erosion of collective bargaining and the abolishing of the tried and true step schedule that for decades has protected against favoritism, cronyism, the “old boy network.”

Perhaps you can trace the line of UTD & MDCPS administrators, lawyers and board members, connecting the money and their political trajectories…

…”Follow the money…”

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