Annual Contracts Teachers: Vote this down and MDCPS MUST Comply & Give $7512 Bonuses. PSC’s: Vote This Contract Down and Save Your Lifetime Earnings and Keep Your Pension at the Level You Hired on For!


We need observers present, record the tally, then send it to the website.
Please recruit pairs of observers at other schools.
I will provide 6 people with the link to the results (view only) so they can provide accountability.

The proposed contract for MDCPS teachers is illegal and harmful…not just to PSCs…but to ALL.
Here’s why:

1) No matter what Fed says in his long emails, he negotiated the salary schedule 2 years ago, October 2013. HE. DID. not Karen, not Tornillo. FED INGRAM.  see

2013 contract, 1 year before deadline, is called a seamless transition to 2 salary schedules (grandfathered and performance)

To turn around and say it is bad means we can’t trust what he does one day to the next. How do we know what he proposes now is good? We don’t from his own deceitful actions.

2) This schedule is the grandfathered schedule under fs 1012.22. It is immutable. That is what “grandfather” means legally. It doesn’t change until all affected are dead. The school board and union are attempting to break the law and thought you were too stupid to catch them. Why?

3) The grandfathered, immutable schedule guarantees “sunset” raises at the end of our careers to provide a reasonable retirement pension – Fed says so himself in his letter of today. The need for this hasn’t changed and highlights the anemia of the schedule he has perpetuated. Standing up against the district’s and UTD’s latest violation of the law will give you a better lifetime earning and better pension plan.

4) The problem the district has is that it binds them to providing $7512 bonuses to AC teachers who are deemed highly effective. it dawned on me today that if we get AC teachers to stand with us in blowing the whistle on this attempt to violate 1012.22, vote it down and the 10/13 contract remains in place – they earn $7512 bonuses each time they are highly effective! not the target $2k (or whatever) bonus these guys are trying to slip in by turning our contract to a 2 year cycle with annual salary revisions.

BAM! WIN-WIN for all of us. Vote it down or join our lawsuit. Everybody wins but poor Alberto and his do-boy FED.

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  • jackie

    Any news on what the board plans to do? I have though for years that Alberto C. is a republican in disguise…