Teachers Did Not Send Enough Man to Negotiate

short link: http://shawnbeightol.com/blog/?p=589

Today UTD’s Prez Fed “em bread” says, preparing teachers for the usual disappointment brought about by a bought out union,

“The Legislators didn’t send enough money for our raises.”

I say, “Teachers didn’t send enough man” to negotiate.

Tallahassee gave MDCPS $134 Million more this year than last year and an order from a Republican Governor to give teachers a $2500 raise.

What kind of union cant deliver on those grounds?

A bought union…one completely controlled by management.

http://www.fldoe.org/fefp/pdf/20-13Firstcalc.pdf page 8

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  • ELEMeducator

    Welcome back to posting! The UTD press release hailing the 6.5% increase is terribly misleading and the updated sections to the contract are a real threat to teachers and don’t forget to look at the higher healthcare premiums.

  • dnickyb

    Teachers who received a $300 raise last year get the same increase as beginning teachers who received a $1500 raise last year. It’s again insulting since after years of fighting we ultimately get less than someone who just started.