My Call for Unionism Reform and Revival on United Teachers of Dade’s Facebook Wall


What I posted on UTD’s FB page wall:

I hope you’ll go there and comment on my wall post (on the right side “Wall” box):

My court victory over evote means all employees have the right to revote on healthcare costs and the hidden wage freezes that were “snuck” into June 2011′s healthcare ratification, the extra-strict IPEGS changes (that exceed SB 736 requirements of 40% of evaluation based on student performance). It should also ultimately overturn Feb 2012 wage freeze that was hidden on page 29 of the healthcare ratification vote.

I hope employees will demand that UTD conduct the vote by paper ballot at the school sites like we did before Oct 2009 when we had voting > 50% regularly (Evote has dropped participation to <20%).

I also hope that employees will demand that UTD stop hiding contract and wage changes within pages of healthcare mumbo jumbo and split the issues into different ballot parts so we can vote healthcare separately from RTTT, separately from IPEGS, separately from STEP/wage freezes.

Don’t let the propaganda fool you. MDCPS won the RTTT application by committing $14 million/yr to performance pay. It cannot be reassigned to testing materials without an amendment to the state, and that is not likely to happen without risking losing the grant, something MDCPS won’t do with AC heading the state RTTT initiative. Demand that UTD split the RTTT vote separate from healthcare, IPEGS, and wage freezes and vote each separately the way your heart and mind believe.

Its your union, take control.

What the US needs is a resurgence in pure unionism:

Many express indignation over one of the last sectors of labor who retain elements of long and hard fought labor and social dignity. Much injustice has been reversed over the last 150 years (speaking just of the USA) through laborers standing up to successive waves of exploitative management, going back to the railroad “robber barons” of the 1800′s, the oil and steel tycoons of the late 1800′s and early 1900′s and on into the manufacturing (including auto) magnates of the 1900′s. Each wave of social/labor unrest showed the propensity of the powerful and wealthy to exploit, manipulate, and profit unfairly and inequitably from those who did the labor that produced the profit. These laborers banded together and held sit-ins, strikes, and other such work actions to force owners/managers to provide fair compensation to those who generated their wealth, these unions of laborers fought for limited work weeks, minimum wages, breaks, later health insurance, gender equity, pensions, etc.

There was a time in America where a good percent of laborers enjoyed such work/social dignity.

Late in the 1900′s, it became apparent that government entities were guilty of similar exploitative actions and public unions arose.

Combinations of management’s poor planning, theft and greed, cannibalistic business practices and the overefficiency/blind but potent union strategies (yes, leading to business failure, but not because of unions alone) began to whittle away at private sector work/social dignities – private pension funds for steel workers disappeared overnight, healthcare was decreased/minimized, shifted to the employee. Eventually, most of the private sector workforce, management having shifted labor overseas and bottom-line gutted the total compensation package, was led to believe they were lucky to just have a minimum wage job, a la Walmart cashiers, while the uber-wealthy Waltons found new ways to amass the wealth that should equitably been shared among the labor force that helped/helps produce it.

And now, those disenfranchised newly exploited private sector employees turn to the last group retaining elements of workplace dignity – public employees with a contract, regular raises, a pension, healthcare, and enviously attack us.

Rather than erase the last elements of workplace dignity culminated from 150 years of equity and justice battles, the private sector needs the modern unions to re-PREACH the importance of these and provide leadership to all labor to lead the way back to social, professional workplace dignity.

Rather, leadership has become obsessed with self-preservation and the same social malady present in their opposites, owners and managers, both groups having become even more greedy and exploitative.

Rather than tear down public workers, we need to recognize that with balanced labor laws and practices, a fair portion of those Trillions of dollars we know top brass are accumulating on the backs of all laborers can be re-allocated…not as social welfare, but as part of just and fair compensation packages.

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    I’ve been banned from posting on UTD Facebook ! I basically wrote that Aronowitz was inept!